Neil Atkinson hosts as Andy Heaton, Gareth Roberts and Rob Gutmann up the tower to talk about all matter of the Red persuasion, on this week's Radio City Talk agenda:

- John Henry, and his comments about further development of Anfield, slip of the tongue or was the FSG principle sending a message?

- Jurgen Klopp and his comments around competition for places at Liverpool, is it really that simple, is it ever?

- Swansea, can we do what we should have done to Burnley and has subsequently done to Hull, specifically, smashing them to bits.

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The Rider has another guest. Two in two weeks. And another absolutely marvellous one - Suedebrown comes in to talk about what he has been up to, his shift in direction and the Red Bull Music Academy.

It's a fascinating thing The Red Bull Music Academy - touring the country while using local talent, pulling in big names while being curated. More information on it and the ability to buy tickets here:

The Rider plays something by Suedebrown which is terrific and has ten other great tracks for you. Neil Atkinson is joined by John Gibbons, Adam Melia and Stephanie Heneghan for all the fun in the world. Tracklisting below but of course there is far more than that. For better or worse.


The Weeknd - Star Boy (ft Daft Punk)
Cakes Da Killa  feat Peaches - Up Out Of Face
Giraffage – Make You Love Me Adam
Sophie & The Bom Boms - Morning Sick
Wingtip - Rewind (feat Sophie Strauss)
SuedeBrown – Tonight (feat. Lauren Faith)
Dillon Francis - Anywhere
KNGDAVD - Poppies
Matt Elleray – Talk Baby
Sorry Girls - This Game
The Caretaker – Into Each Others Eyes

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The Anfield Wrap this week takes a good long look at Liverpool demolishing Hull City by five goals to one. Joining Neil Atkinson are Mike Nevin, Simon Hughes and Rob Gutmann and they go through what Liverpool did well and why Jurgen Klopp was furious with his men in the second half.

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Neil Atkinson hosts as Melissa Reddy, Gareth Roberts and Danny Austin talk about Liverpool's game against Derby and looking forward to Hull.

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The Rider this week has a guest! Al Kent who is headlining the Liverpool Disco Festival joins us to talk about his career and the wonderousness of Disco.

Adam Melia is gutted he can't make it. It is a cloud that hangs over the whole show. Stephanie Heneghan talks about lawns, John Gibbons speaks into a handheld microphone for reasons we remain unsure about and Neil Atkinson is back hosting The Rider. He bears gifts from Marrakech. Actual gifts.

Have a listen because amongst everything there are ten fantastic songs. As ever, as always.

Tickets for the Liverpool Disco Festival are here:

Will see you there. Not Adam, obviously.


Teenage Fanclub - I'm In Love
Trentemoller - One Eye Open

Stormzy - Know Me From
Warpaint - Whiteout
Al Kent - Come Back Home
Two Feet - Quick Musical Doodles & Sex
Mykki Blanco & Jean Deaux - Loner
The Goon Sax - Sweaty Hands

Lindstrom - Algorytme
Paul Dunbar & The Black Winter Band - Barely Holding On
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The show that started it all. Available to non-subscribers and subscribers alike, The Anfield Wrap is your essential look at the key issues on the mind of all Liverpool supporters. Whether it is the weekend's game just gone, the summer transfer business or matters pertaining to events off the pitch, Recorded in Liverpool city centre every Sunday or Monday The Anfield Wrap is core listening for all Liverpool fans all over the world.

Neil Atkinson is joined by Stuart Wright, Rob Gutmann and James McKenna for and 82 minutes, yes, 82 minutes on Liverpool's win at Chelsea, every aspect of it covered here on TAW.

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