WE know lots of you listen to our free podcasts but have never made the jump to TAW Player, our subscription Liverpool FC podcast feed.

With that in mind, and the new season just around the corner, we wanted to showcase what you’re missing out on.

For £5 per month, subscribers to TAW Player get access to everything from immediate post-match reaction from Anfield or on the road, to analysis, previews, historical LFC shows and exclusive interviews, you can subscribe here.

We kick off our TAW Player Taster Week with a show we did earlier in the year with Jamie Carragher and Jonathan Northcroft of The Sunday Times.

In the ‘Lost Art Of Defending’, Carra spoke for just under an hour about what it takes to cut it as a defender at the top level, why quality defenders may be on the wane and more. A show packed full of insight.

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Neil is joined by John Gibbons, Adam Smith, Rob Gutmann and Jay McKenna for this week's free podcast looking forward to the new season and getting stuck into Barca, Mainz, going to chance of Liverpool going back into the transfer market before the big kick off.

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