The show that started it all. Available to non-subscribers and subscribers alike, The Anfield Wrap is your essential look at the key issues on the mind of all Liverpool supporters. Whether it is the weekend's game just gone, the summer transfer business or matters pertaining to events off the pitch, Recorded in Liverpool city centre every Sunday or Monday The Anfield Wrap is core listening for all Liverpool fans all over the world.

Neil Atkinson is joined by Gareth Roberts, Stuart Wright and Paul Johnson to discuss Liverpool's 1-1 draw against Tottenham Hotspur.

The Reds were on top and should have converted their superiority into a clear lead but instead were pegged back. Is it two points dropped or a good draw at a tough opponent?

Further, what about Daniel Sturridge and him not featuring until the last five minutes? There was also the matter of Matip - his league debut went reasonably well. And what was Wijnaldum about?

Everything that you need about Liverpool vs Spurs is within and please - pass it on.

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The Anfield Wrap on Radio Citytalk. It's our free magazine show we put together for Radio Citytalk every week - it's a show that can come at you from any angle; from a look at books to the most recent game; from a question around an issue to a discussion around transfers, The Anfield Wrap finds every way it can to talk differently about the game and about Liverpool FC.

This week on the show Andy David, Paul Cope and Gareth Roberts talk about Burton Albion and Spurs and are joined by Paul Duhaney to hear more about what Tottenham will offer.

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This week on The Rider there is overwhelming excitement as Britney, Frank and Baltic Fleet have been on and they have new material for us.

Finally Frank Ocean has released his album and there are lots of feelings knocking around because of it.

Neil Atkinson, John Gibbons, Stephanie Heneghan and Adam Melia work through these as your weekly therapy session also includes ten downright brilliant songs, tales of weekends and much, much more.

You know the drill by now.


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Neil Atkinson is joined by John Gibbons, Andy Heaton and Mike Nevin to try and analyse Burnley 2 Liverpool 0.  

Plenty seemed to go wrong, but what were the key factors in Liverpool playing so poorly and how quickly can it be turned round? We discuss personnel, tactics and attitude in our free Monday podcast
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It's your Anfield Wrap on Radio City Talk show, Neil Atkinson is joined by John Gibbons and Chris Pajak to bring the Reds in to the weekend.

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A happy affair The Rider this week. Everyone is delighted to be there, delighted to bring you nine fabulous songs. A veritable joy to be alive.

The songs are splendid. Neil Atkinson, Stephanie Heneghan and John Gibbons are having a great time. It's everything you need to remind you that the sunshine is still with us, at least for another few weeks.

The Rider - The Feel Good Hit Of The Summer.

The songs:

1. Cassius/Cat Power/ Pharrell - Go Up

2. Carly Rae Jepsen/Danny L Harle - Super Natural

3. Giggs - Whippin Excursion

4. Rats On Rafts/De Kift - Sleep Little Links 234


6. Jamie T - Power Over Men

7. TIGA - 3 Rules

8. Virgin Of The Birds - Spooky, Stony, Barely Over Thirty

9. Sinead Harnett - If You Let Me

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