The Rider is indeed getting stuck in this week. It starts with three absolute bangers, the third of which is the song which should be number one for the rest of the year as picked by Mr John Gibbons.

He's joined by Neil Atkinson and Stephanie Heneghan for a show where everyone has a lovely big chat. There is a lot to be said by a lovely big chat. Weekends, Pinterest and Fatman Scoop all come up.

But so do the songs. Nine of them, all terrific. As well as the Sound Of The Summer. Do some House Work...

Enjoy. And tell your mates.

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This week’s free Anfield Wrap is hosted by Neil Atkinson, he is joined by Simon Hughes, Gareth Roberts and Paul Senior as they get in to the complexities of the summer transfer market and why Liverpool seem to be a perpetual state of transfer chaos.

And with a number of players earmarked for exits now back at Melwood and meeting Jurgen Klopp for the first time, could the summer provide a few surprise reprieves?

All that and a smattering of pre-season chat on this week's free show.


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