Neil Atkinson hosts as John Gibbons and Rob Gutmann try to work out exactly what Liverpool should do over the summer; it is a strange squad - few obvious moves for Jurgen Klopp. How will he approach the summer? What will his move be and how will he go about it?

Who plays where, have Liverpool been too 7/10? Will the manager be pragmatic or idealistic and does Rob still think Gotze is possible? (Of course he does).
Also, what of Mamadou Sakho and his ban being lifted?
It's the prelude to a summer of possibilities for Liverpool. Aren't they all...
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Neil Atkinson hosts a Citytalk podcast which shifts through the gears. It starts with Chris Waugh from The Chronicle in Newcastle talking about Rafa Benitez staying at the club.

How has he reached this decision? What will it mean about what happens next? Which of those players will he build a side around? But more than that, it is about what a manager like Benitez engaging in a long term project means.

Becky Ayres, COO of Sound City comes in for a chat about what she is looking forward to over the Sound City weekend. Limited tickets are still available.

Then there is a clip from TAW Player - John Gibbons and Gareth Roberts talking about goalkeeper Karius with David Preece. Is he coming in to be number one?

Lastly Neil and Gareth wrap up all the day's Liverpool news. What more could you ask?

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Adam Melia is working late but the rest of The Rider are sounding great as Neil Atkinson,  John Gibbons and Stephanie Heneghan bring you nine great songs and countless great chats.

They talk Sound City, Banners gigs, guessing exam results, The Good Wife and anything else that pops into their heads. 

That's this weeks Rider

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Neil Atkinson, Steve Graves, Stuart Wright and Paul Johnson all review the season gone.

Each speaks for about ten minutes or so on the way the season played out. Highs and lows come in. Watford away, United at home, Norwich away.

Talk of I was there moments", stardust and J├╝rgen's charisma all come into play.

Players who have come on leaps and bounds, others who have to go. Everyone looking to a big pre season. 

This is 2015/16 summed up for the first time. More to come on TAW Player.

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Neil Atkinson is joined by Ben Smith, Adam Smith and Rob Gutmann to talk about Liverpool's defeat against Sevilla in the Europa League Final.

It is very much the morning after the night before. Everyone is putting the pieces back together and doing it with aplomb.

Where did it go wrong? What next for Klopp and his men?

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In the studio Neil Atkinson, John Gibbons, Stephanie Heneghan and Adam Melia welcome Mike from Banners who is an actual pop star.

They chat to him and play Ladder Of Love. Everyone does this in the right spirit.

Elsewhere we find out what everyone has been up to (lots) and that Neil didn't listen to the previous week's show. Steph also clarifies who is busty. It can only help...

There's a lot in this one. A hell of a lot. Everyone has a lovely time and so will you if you listen.

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