NEIL ATKINSON hosts our Radio City Talk show as Karl Coppack, John Gibbons and Adam Smith look back on Liverpool's victory over Manchester City.

Focus comes on James Milner, Jon Flanagan and Kolo Toure as well as the way in which Klopp's men vanquished Manchester City with three fantastic goals.

There is also a clip from TAW Unwrapped featuring Peter Hooton and Rob Gutmann.

But the focus is Liverpool and their win - Origi running that line, Lallana winning those tackles. Is this something Liverpool can build on?

All is within - The Anfield Wrap on Radio City Talk.

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The Rider has trouble remembering what it has been up to this week, though it has, as ever, fulfilled on its promise of 10 great songs.

Neil Atkinson hosts a slightly frenetic show with some weekend and Oscar chat from John Gibbons, Stephanie Heneghan and Adam Melia.

Gig Of The Week features a Liverpool act in Dublin and Gibbo gets right off his reasonable fence.

All is within. But the tunes. We are on fire they are that good.

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To celebrate World Book Day we're releasing a special edition of our TAW Player show 'Well Read' with this edition focussing just on one book:

Reading The Game: A Year In Black And Yellow

This is collection of pieces of writing inspired by Borussia Dortmund's last season, when they were coached by current Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp and when they were struggling.

The book was conceived of by Markus Langer at Dortmund’s sponsors Evonik. He joins the conversation on the phone with a very German perspective of football’s brand values.

It was edited by Moritz Rinke, award winning playwright and novelist and the pieces are all very different – some written by very well respected German writers, two written by players themselves.

Most of the writers come from the German authors football team. Moritz is their centre forward. He also interviewed Jurgen Klopp before his last home game. The interview garnered some tabloid headlines earlier in the year.

Moritz joins and has a relaxed conversation about that interview and much more.

And to open the conversation the book is discussed by Gerry Donaldson, Anna Walsh and Simon Hughes. Hosted by Neil Atkinson, this Well Read special should offer insight not just into Klopp but into one of the world’s most fascinating football clubs – Borussia Dortmund.

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