NEIL Atkinson presents The Anfield Wrap’s CityTalk show and this week he is joined in the Radio City Tower by Ian Salmon, Paul Senior and Stuart Wright.

Reality is finally starting to dawn on Neil, who has been struggling with the idea of Leicester City being crowned Premier League Champions. Liverpool could do the Foxes a huge favour at Anfield on Saturday by beating Tottenham Hotspur. So, will they?

Spurs will be a tough test – is that the ideal preparation for an even tougher game next week when Liverpool go to Borussia Dortmund?

The Reds need to attack and defend better, and on a more consistent basis. Is this group capable? Who can shine? Who can step up?

The panel also look to the summer and the latest transfer gossip surrounding Anfield. Who can we sign? Who should we sign? Who is staying cautious and who is getting carried away with the gossip?

The Reds are back in business. In more ways than one.

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GARETH ROBERTS was joined on Easter Monday for this week's free podcast by Melissa Reddy, Paul Senior, Paul Cope and Ted Smith.

Taking a broader view of the season so far, the panel chat about where the club is at now Jürgen Klopp has clocked up six months at the club, what has changed, what has stayed the same, which players have progressed and which players have regressed.

And the manager himself -- has he achieved enough since his arrival or, in black and white, could we have expected more from the bespectacled German?

What will Klopp have taken from his time at Anfield? What lessons will he have learned and what surgery does he need to perform on the squad in the summer?

Also on the agenda, the panel go from back to front in their assessment of the strength of the squad -- who is safe, whose future is in the balance and who is definitely on their way out?

All this and more on this week's The Anfield Wrap.

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Neil Atkinson and Gareth Roberts host an international break CityTalk show touching on a variety of subjects.

It starts and ends with talk of lower league and non-league football.

The end is about lovely possibilities but the start is talking to James Cave from Against League 3 about the Premier League seeking to enter B teams in the Johnstone Paint Trophy. There is this endlessly predatory circle around football at the moment and it is contrary to what the game should be about. James tells us more. 

In the middle we hear from Melissa Reddy, Steve Hothersall and Tony Barrett about Liverpool reducing their player turnover and the Christian Benteke situation.

We also have Neil Atkinson and John Gibbons talking to Chris Atkins about the rise of Chinese football and the willingness to buy big in the country's Super League.

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The Rider is all about looking forward to the long weekend and the Friday night when The Rider gets to cut loose at Motel. Neil Atkinson hosts joined by Adam Melia and John Gibbons.

There are twelve great songs on this current edition - Adam Melia, John Gibbons and Stephanie Heneghan have each picked songs which they would love to play on Friday night.

We are also lucky enough to speak to Mint Royale at the time of his valedictory single. What will he be doing next? What is the plan?

Neil's got a couple of great new tracks by some friends of the show as well. Doesn't get better than that sort of thing does it?

That's the Rider. A great dozen, a great guest and one eye on the weekend...

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NEIL ATKINSON was joined by Dan Vincent, John Gibbons and Jonathan Northcroft of The Sunday Times for a rather deflated free podcast after Liverpool contrived to throwaway a two-goal lead against Southampton.

The group chat about why they think Liverpool collapsed so badly in the space of 45 minutes having seemingly built up an insurmountable lead against an initially lacklustre Southampton side who they’d swatted aside so comprehensively months earlier.

Was it as simple as fatigue or did Liverpool switch off thinking the game was won? And what battles did they lose on and off the pitch having been in such a strong position?

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NEIL ATKINSON, Rob Gutmann and John Gibbons have a lovely big talk about Liverpool beating Manchester United 1-1. All the performances get some lovely talk but especially those of Milner, Clyne, Sakho, Lovren and Origi on this week's FREE 'Friday Show'

And then they have a lovely big talk with Amanda Jacks about her job with the FSF and the way policing and stewarding has changed. From there we go to the North East to speak to Steve Goldsmith and react to the Dortmund news.

We also look ahead to the Southampton game.

Lovely all round. It's Friday. We're a show. It is The Friday Show.

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