NEIL ATKINSON was joined by John Gibbons and Paul Senior for this week's free Radio City Talk podcast.

The trio have a chat about the UEFA Cup, how they see it going and how its been shunted around a bit when, if UEFA want the competition to grow then maybe they should treat it with a bit more respect?

In the second part of the show, the Augsburg fixture is brought in to focus as well as a discussion around Raheem Sterling's move to Manchester City and how it's panned out so far for the former Liverpool starlet.

We'v also got 10 minutes from this week's 'Tuesday Review' as Sean Rogers and Ian Salmon join Neil to chat about the Ausburg first leg and what did and didn't work out.

The show finishes with what the lad's Jürgen Klopp will put out against Augsburg following Klopp's comments today about the tie potentially being an audition for the big final on Sunday, and some chat about Daniel Sturridge in what seemed to be a big move today by sticking him in front of the media.

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THE RIDER has a guest in this week - Mo Stewart. It's a complex bit of guesting because Mo has been DJing for 15 years and has done 9 of those in Liverpool. And Mo is helping us out on every level. Spiritual. Practical. Find out more within.

What else? Well, it is a show in three parts. Adam Melia, John Gibbons and Mo all open with Neil Atkinson, gig of the weeking, discoing and so on before Stephanie Heneghan and Neil have a chat about Kesha amongst other things.

Then back to Adam, John and Mo for the big finale.

But you don't care about the admin. You care about the tunes and all ten this week are marvellous. I know I always say that but I am so often absolutely right...

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