TOP OF THE TOWER - Neil Atkinson is joined by Mr Thursday Night John Gibbons, Steve Graves and Ben Johnson to discuss what matters arising from Liverpool facing Exeter City. What matters?
- That the manager has made a statement around Bogdan.
- Enrique's last ever game for Liverpool?
- Joe Allen
There is also a chat between Neil Atkinson and Rob Gutmann on the Alex Teixiera reports along with a look ahead to Norwich.
But what of loans? What have we learnt from the Exeter experience? What does Jurgen Klopp think? All that will be addressed too.
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A SHOW within a show. Wheels within wheels.

Adam Melia is away for The Rider but then he isn't - Neil Atkinson, Stephanie Heneghan and John Gibbons are all ready, present and able but Adam cannot be there. However they devise questions for John to ask him. And like magic he appears.

What else? Ten great songs, but you know that. More Kanye because Kanye. Popworld and Revenant talk. Everything you need.

And Ians. Always Ians.

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