Neil Atkinson, Rob Gutmann, John Gibbons and Andy Kelly of the Liverpool Echo get stuck into Liverpool going to Kazan and getting a much deserved 0-1 win. 

The partnership between Lovren and Sakho for The Reds, the running of the full backs and the Emre Can Joe Allen dichotomy are all discussed. 

As too is Liverpool's favourite Jordon Ibe. 

Also Crystal Palace supporter Robbie Scotcher is on the phone and you know what? He fancies it this weekend against Liverpool. Thinks The Reds might have too many miles in their legs at Anfield. 

The Anfield Wrap on Citytalk - top of the tower and it may be feeling a bit 90s...

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WHAT do you mean, "in bits"? Well there is the idea of getting over a weekend where Liverpool Music Week's closing party did some serious damage.

Then the idea of having to do the show on separate nights.

Then the conversations which had us in stitches.

And the tunes. The tunes should leave you all in bits.

The Rider with Neil Atkinson hosting in a variety of locations. John Gibbons and Adam Melia coming at you from The Moon. Stephanie Heneghan very much on Earth.

It's a hell of a show.

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