Neil Atkinson, Gareth Roberts, Rob Gutmann and Simon Hughes are in for the big show this week as Liverpool secured their first Anfield League win under Jürgen Klopp.


While not particularly convincing, Liverpool managed to restrict their opponents to no shots on target and could have registered more than their own solitary goal from the penalty spot in horrific conditions.


Is any win played in a hurricane a good win or should Liverpool have turned the screw faster and harder considering Swansea's recent struggles?


Do Liverpool need a thumping win at Anfield to get the juices flowing properly a kick start a yet again lacklustre atmosphere on our home turf?


Will a clean sheet and another impressive display from Martin Skrtel and the ever-improving Dejan Lovren help boost confidence amongst a suddenly quite miserly back four?


Has Gibbo got Alby all wrong? The Spanish flyer certainly divides opinion, and in this case over the course of one game!


Did the midfield cope admirably in the absence of the influential Lucas, or was the Swansea midfield so tame that it was never really a contest?


And with Steven Gerrard in the dug-out looking on, the game saw the return of the current Liverpool captain and star striker, who both got their first minutes under the new boss.


Will Jordan Henderson and Daniel Sturridge now have a fight for their place in a Liverpool side slowly gaining momentum, or will the pairs quality see them automatically write themselves on the team-sheet?


And after a weekend of score draws and pitch invasions, suddenly the Reds find themselves six points off the top with a 'winnable' run of fixtures in front of them.


And with Southampton on the horizon, do the Red’s have a squad deep enough to push on and take another step to Wembley?


Handily placed with everything to play for?


Oh aye.

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The Rider in full swing this week and ending its day in the mix. It's huge. There are explosions.

Neil Atkinson hosts while John Gibbons, Stephanie Heneghan and Adam Melia cause trouble. You know the drill.

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NEIL ATKINSON, Alison McGovern, Mike Nevin and Melissa Reddy are on top of a swaying tower talking about Daniel Sturridge, Jordan Henderson and Simon Mignolet. All the Simon Mignolet. 

They also talk about the forthcoming game against Swansea and the previous game against Bordeaux. All the Bordeaux.

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THE CALM after the storm. Sort of...

What a win for Liverpool. The Reds vanquished Manchester City in their ground by four goals to one and here is The Anfield Wrap's take on the performance.

How good was Adam Lallana's dummy?
How much is Simon Mignolet like your mate who can do no right?
How strong was Skrtel's performance?

Talk of the three Brazilians as well obviously along with all facets of the Reds's win.

Bordeaux to come and a schoolyard game too.

John Gibbons, Craig Rimmer and Mike Girling join Neil Atkinson. What about those Reds

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MANCHESTER CITY and even Gareth Roberts might be taking a backwards step. 

The Anfield Wrap from the top of the tower this week has Gareth being nervous, Blue Moon podcast's David Mooney being confident, Rob Gutmann seeing the game as a chance for a bonus point and Phil Blundell missing Henderson.

What else? Sterling chat obviously and talk about end product machine De Bruyne. Neil Atkinson hosts The Anfield Wrap on Radio Citytalk.’

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MISSY is back.

And who doesn't love her? Well The Rider certainly does, so if you don't well, questions have got to be asked.

Gorgeous songs especially from John Gibbons. Steph Heneghan launches the Missy chat. Adam Melia has his Gig Of The Week. Neil Atkinson plays country. Somehow they have let him. Seems unlikely...but then there is also talk of the Busted reunion.

They also talks about the events in Paris.

The Rider. Essential might be overstating it. But only might.

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