NEIL ATKINSON is joined by Steve Armstrong, Phil Blundell, John Gibbons and Ian Salmon to discuss United so far this season and their similarities with The Reds.

Also there is an excerpt from the interview The Anfield Wrap had with Paul Walsh this week done with Mike and Gill Nevin.’

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"I’ve got my UEFA B & C licences, will get A license after leaving Galaxy, enjoy coaching but favour being a manager, have to be good enough you don’t just get those jobs from being a great player, but it is the end goal (to be a manager)”

FORMER Liverpool Captain Steven Gerrard talks to Kelly Forshaw from Red Touch Media about the huge change in his life going from Liverpool to Los Angeles, his future plans and the weather. Hot and sunny, we believe...Lucky him!

 It's great stuff; this is the full, unedited recording so thanks to everyone for getting it over to us. Enjoy...

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