NEIL ATKINSON is away so for the first time they haven't got him to press the buttons and put things in order.

But John Gibbons, Stephanie Heneghan and Adam Melia power through regardless, and they've even got Gareth Roberts in as a reporter on the ground at The Liverpool International Festival of Psychadelia. 

They've also got two tickets to give away to Liverpool Music Week. Oh and 10 great songs too. Tell you what people. Tell you what. 

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ANDY HEATON, in the chair for Neil Atkinson this week as he chats to Mike Nevin, Simon Hughes and Rob Gutmann about the Red’s 3-2 victory over Aston Villa and the managers subsequent post match comments which have again put him in the spotlight in the week before the Merseyside derby.

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ON A clear and gorgeous Friday night John Gibbons is joined by Mike Girling, Gareth Roberts and Adam Smith to talk about frustrating goings on at Anfield on Wednesday night.

In part 2 they are joined by Mat Kendrick of the Birmingham Mail to discuss the season so far for Aston Villa, and in part 3 the lads try and figure out what on earth Liverpool can do to win a game of football.

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This week's Rider was meant to be done quickly but finds itself with an eleventh segment and an eleventh song due to Stephanie Heneghan owning the means of production. There's an essay to be written on that kind of thing.

What else? Ten (plus one) really good songs obviously but it is very much John Gibbons's week. He's picked three absolute belters. Neil Atkinson has been listening to albums and wants to make you do the same and there's a group decision made that you need to watch Adam Melia. He is the sly one.

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THE AFTERNOON after Liverpool drew at home with Norwich, host Neil Atkinson is joined by Adam Smith, John Gibbons, Melissa Reddy off the Tele and Alex Koschier to talk about who was hot and who was not.

They also get into who suited the change in formation, and whether the manager can ever turn around the current feeling in the supporter base. 

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AT the top of the tower Neil Atkinson is joined by Mike Nevin, Alison McGovern and Rob Gutmann as the news breaks about Mamadou Sakho's new deal. They discuss that, Bordeaux, three at the back and Norwich.

On the Canaries they are joined by Juliet Jacques who talks through their season so far and her new book "Trans".

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