NEIL ATKINSON is joined by Stuart Wright, Adam Smith and Rob Gutmann to discuss Liverpool's 0-3 defeat to West Ham United

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The Rider has an old style double bill happening for this Bank Holiday. A whole ton of great tunes and a whole ton of confusion.


It's Neil Atkinson listening to everything from the last three months to find bangers, Steph Heneghan looking at French House, Adam Melia picking up the bits and John Gibbons looking at the bank holidays of his life.


The Rider. Sixteen great tunes. Well fifteen and the chaos that is Adam's life...

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NEIL ATKINSON, John Gibbons, Mike Nevin and Andy Kelly are in for City Talk alongside Andy Middleton as they chat about the impending visit of West Ham.

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After Liverpool's 0-0 draw with Arsenal Neil Atkinson hosts Gareth Roberts, Ben Sharples and Ian Salmon to talk about that game of two halves at the Emirates, along with the ongoing discussion around Lucas Leiva's future.


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NEIL ATKINSON was joined by Amy Lawrence, Yaw Owusu Gareth Roberts and Steve Graves on the weeks CityTalk show.

Bit of everything this week, you’ve got Arsenal, LIMF and a bit of Benteke.

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<strong>HERE we go. Ten more great songs with talking in between.</strong>


Neil Atkinson, John Gibbons, Stephanie Heneghan and Adam Melia get going on swearing from adults. Stephanie has her banger and Adam has an exceptional gig of the week.


Come on board The Rider.

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