NEIL ATKINSON rushes back from Glastonbury. He's heard the news. Oh boy. Clyne and Benteke, preseason and Liverpool's fast moves on one hand and slow moves on the other. The Anfield Wrap. Tons of pace.

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JOHN GIBBONS was joined by Andy Heaton and Rob Gutmann for this weeks CityTalk podcast.



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NEIL ATKINSON was joined by Martin Fitzgerald, Gareth Roberts and Melissa Reddy in a week in which Liverpool signed Joe Gomez from Charlton.

They touch on whether Liverpool use the loan system effectively and also focus on a few returning players and whether they can get a game next season.

Oh and LOADS on Carlos Bacca.

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GLASTONBURY is upon us and Neil Atkinson, John Gibbons and Stephanie Heneghan pick a day each to tell you who you should be going to see. Or who you should be watching on the TV.


Glastonbury expert Adam Melia phones one in too. 10 great songs and not a muddy trek in sight. 

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NEIL ATKINSON is joined in the tower by John Gibbons, Simon Hughes and Gareth Roberts to discuss managing young players through into the first team. From nowhere. It's radio but organic...The Anfield Wrap.’

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NEIL WAS JOINED by John Gibbons, Ian Salmon and John Milburn.

This week the lads discuss the pros and cons of selling Raheem Sterling and what price should be placed on the young stars head.
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