NEIL ATKINSON was joined by Ben Johnson, Paul Senior, Adam Smith and debutant Paul Cope for this weeks AFQ Thursday.

What would you spend 70p on? Your musical guilty pleasure? Your last meal on Death Row?

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NEIL ATKINSON, John Gibbons and Stephanie Heneghan interview the frankly brilliant Daphne and Celeste on this week's Rider.
And then Adam Melia joins them for the rest of the show. Got his emails confused.
Nine non Daphne and Celeste songs too. And one Daphne and Celeste song. Doesn't get any better than this...
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JOINING Gareth Roberts in the studio for the third ‘And Could He Play’ were Adam Smith and Simon Hughes.

This time the legend is someone who made us bounce, left under a cloud only to recently return to Anfield to a hero’s welcome.

The unsung player was more known for steel than silk but had the lot in his locker and the cult hero celebrated a tackle as if he scored, even if he was a striker!

All three could play. And Could He Play.

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