AFQ Thursday is back. Neil Atkinson throws your questions at Steve Graves, John Gibbons, Adam Smith and Paul Johnson.

As many questions as they can in an hour. On anything at all. What do we have?

Tackles, Prince and nagging doubts.

A big hour, a million questions.

AFQ Thursdays - nothing but chaos.

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Neil Atkinson is in the chair to discuss Roy Hodgson's introduction as Liverpool manager. 

Joining him are John Gibbons, Craig Rimmer and Mike Nevin. It's a searingly honest discussion around what Liverpool was then; a look at how the club had become toxic and how it only got worse. The four get into how they were made to feel by Liverpool and how dreadful those performances were under Roy Hodgson. They also talk about what it is to be a club in turmoil. These were dark days, my friends, and this is a dark seventy minutes of discussion.’

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TAW Unwrapped. To release at 4pm on 6th April. 

Rob Gutmann is joined by Stephen Evans, Neil Atkinson and Mike Girling to discuss the ramifications of Steven Gerrard's departure from Liverpool FC. 

Have the club handled it well? 
How does Steven fit in for his remaining games? 
Can he be replaced? 

All this and more when The Anfield Wrap unwraps itself under the aegis of Rob Gutmann.’

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