STVE GRAVES and Gareth Roberts join Neil Atkinson to talk about the aftermath of Liverpool falling to a terrible defeat against Hull City. Gareth Roberts also reports on the protest at Anfield and Neil, Gareth and Steve discuss the future of the manager.’

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NEIL Atkinson is joined by John Gibbons and latterly Andy Heaton to discuss the Hull City boycott, the Yesil and Gerrard rumours, and what they want to see from the reds on the pitch. There is also more info on TAW Player. Which you can sign up to now. 



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NEIL ATKSINSON is joined by Sean Rogers and Kristian Walsh to talk about Liverpool's frustrating 0-0 against West Brom. They explore the use of the full backs and the forwards, talk about trust and wonder what could have been done differently.

The Tuesday Review making its Monday debut.

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NEIL ATKINSON was joined by Gareth Roberts, Adam Smith and Jay McKenna on this weeks podcast after another deflating result for the Reds following a frustrating performance against Tony Pulis' West Bromwich Albion.

The lads also get into tomorrows boycott and why, when it comes to protests, actions speak louder than words.

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Dalglish is in. Hodgson has gone. And Liverpool, after a stuttering start, get on a run, sign Suarez and Carroll and Torres goes. 

Expect some language obviously, but expect laughs. Upbeat laughs as Liverpool become Liverpool again... 

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NEIL ATKINSON, Rob Gutmann and Paul Senior cram in the back of Rob's Dodge to deliver thier immediate verdict on another disappointing result for Brendan Rodgers Liverpool.

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