NEIL ATKINSON was joined by Steve Graves, Alison McGovern and John Gibbons for this weeks City Talk Podcast before the Red’s travel to Swansea in search of another 3 points.

Music this week:
Mark Frith - Istanbul
This track has just been chosen to open One Night in Istanbul at the Echo Arena in May. 
Mark is playing at The Zanzibar on Thursday 26th March along with Lotte Mullan and Jazz Morley. Tickets are £7. He also play the Flying Duck in Leeds on 9th April
@markfrith_ on Twitter
Alex Hulme - Back of the Pack
Over the next couple of weeks we will be playing songs by artists featured at this years Threshold Festival
Threshold is a grass roots music festival which takes place from the 27th to the 29th of March in the Baltic Traingle in Liverpool. Tickets for all three days are currently just £20. 
For more on the festival you can visit
Alex Hulme plays the festival on the Friday 27th. He also plays the 229 club in London the night before. This song is from the EP of the same name. 
You can learn more about him at
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NEIL Atkinson, John Gibbons, Stephanie Heneghan and Adam Melia talk about loads of stuff. Absolutely loads. Really. Tons of talking. 

- Eclipses 

- Mamma Mia 

- Sound City 

- Liverpool Theatre 

- Mother's Day Options 

These are just some of the topics discussed. Plus seven good songs. We've rewired the place. It's very different.’

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NEIL ATKINSON, Mike Nevin, John Gibbons and Rob Gutmann look back on 2000/01, otherwise known as the treble season.

In this first part they look at the summer business, discuss Phil Babb and examine the first third of a landmark season for the club.

Tons of discussion around Leeds and Sunderland too. A more patient discussion rather than the usual rushes but...


They don't call it The Treble Season for nothing.

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THE GLOVES and shackles are off. The rules have gone. The show that the people set the agenda on in here. Questions requested on Thursday at 5pm. As many answered as can be in one hour.

Asking them is Neil Atkinson. Answering them is Simon Hughes, Mike Girling, Paul Johnson, John Gibbons and Phil Blundell.

How many did they manage? Brace yourself.

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ROB GUTMANN makes his hosting debut joined by Andy Heaton, Ian Salmon and Liverpool Echo reporter Neil Jones.

Expect in-depth discussion of the issues around Liverpool. This week they are taking the long view on Brendan Rodgers, FSG and Liverpool's contract speed bumps.

It's a flagship show.


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NEIL ATKINSON and John Gibbons are joined by Steve Armstrong, Steve Goldsmith and Jonathan Liew.

Steve Armstrong discusses United's season after their FA Cup defeat by Arsenal. He addresses the questions around United's campaign.

Steve Goldsmith wanted a boring season with Sunderland. Things could be about to get very interesting.

And The Telegraph's Jonathan Liew has an overview on the season as we get into the business end.

Get on board with The Coach Home.

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