NEIL ATKINSON was joined by Mike Girling, Mike Nevin and David Lynch after crashing out of the UEFA Cup at the hands of Besiktas, the lads also preview the visit of Manchester City on Sunday 



Paul Straws - You've Always Got a Home

We've played Paul before. He's a nice fella. You can hear him perform this song on Bay TV on a show called The Guide every night at 8pm until next Thursday. Bay TV is on freeview channel 8 or virgin channel 159
He is also on tour. You can see him at

28/2 2pm Coventry Central Library
21/3 Unity Theatre, Liverpool Acoustic Festival
26/3 Elixir Bar, London
6/4 Castle Bar, Manchester
8/4 The Puzzle, Sowerby

He's also soon to be announcing gigs in Bradford Leeds and Derby

The Little Secrets - All I Need

All I need is their debut single released on 'The Label Recordings' which is the great label run out of Edge Hill Univiersity set up by Carl Hunter of the Farm.
If you run you can see them at Magnet tonight at 11pm. Its worth going as its their first Liverpool gig in 4 years! The single is out now and available to download on iTunes and Amazon

Get on them at


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NEIL ATKINSON, John Gibbons, Stephanie Heneghan and Adam Melia pick ten absolutely brilliant songs. 

They also focus on Neil's mum's birthday, find out about Landon Donovan's current relationship status and don't bother asking John about either of his holidays. 

What kind of cake!? More than you need to know, but the songs. My lord the songs. That's The Rider. Come aboard.’

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NEIL ATKINSON, Stephanie Heneghan and Adam Melia are late, are late, for a very important date.

They are also in possession of ten great songs and the sort of cauliflower chat you never saw coming. What else? Well it's hard for us to remember, but trust me, we enjoyed ourselves. Conversation, soundtrack - The Rider. What else are you doing but hanging round and waiting for us.

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NEIL ATKINSON was joined by Ian Salmon,  Steve Graves and Stephen Evans following a potentially season defining victory for Liverpool against Southampton.

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NEIL ATKINSON was joined Rob Gutmann, Andy Heaton and Stephen Evans after another victory with a clean sheet against Besiktas

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NEIL ATKINSON, Gareth Roberts, Paul Cope and Steve Graves are in for this weeks podcast, reflecting on an encouraging victory over Crystal Palace

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