The Rider sees 2015 out with a bang.

Each of Neil Atkinson, Stephanie Heneghan, John Gibbons and Adam Melia pick their favourite songs the others have picked from the year.

There is a chat about the albums that never came, everyone's favourite and least favourite things from the year, some quick bits.

There are also 12 great songs. A little bit Missy, a little bit Newsom, a little bit should have been a drummer.

We'd like to think it is the business. We'd like to think it is all you need. But of course it isn't. You are all deeply complex humans. It is though the best music podcast out there. Thank you for listening. We love you very much.

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NEIL ATKINSON is joined by Phil Blundell and Rob Gutmann to discuss Liverpool's victory over Leicester City. They get into Liverpool's reaction after the goal, how Liverpool approached the game and the performance of Henderson, Can and Lallana.

Then they chat about Sunderland with Steve Goldsmith and the game to come.

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NEIL ATKINSON is joined by a biblical cast of thousands for the most festive look at the fixtures imaginable.

The Baileys will be flowing in the studio as Rob Gutmann, Steve Graves and Manchester United supporting Jon Birchall get stuck into the problems that have been posed for Klopp and his side in dealing with sides who sit deep and look to spring, especially when on Boxing Day the side that have managed that best in the country come to Anfield.
Then John Gibbons and Gareth Roberts interview Pete Selby from the For Foxes Sake podcast to talk about exactly what has powered Leicester City to the top of the table.
With Jon Birchall around it would be rude not to talk about Manchester United's visit to Stoke and can Arsenal seize the day? Their visit to Southampton is about as big as it gets.
The Friday Show. Free for now and about as Christmassy as any football show can be. Come and have a listen...
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Neil Atkinson, Paul Senior, Gareth Roberts and John Gibbons are in for the Christmas CityTalk show.



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What more could you want? What more could you hope for?

The Rider offers a Christmas Party with panache. 2 songs each from this year. 2 songs from whenever and one Christmas treat. Put The Rider on and fill your boots.

What else? Well, we've all had a drink, of course we have. Stephanie Heneghan the most. Talk of Christmases to come, Bieber's lad, the Pope and everything else you need.

Neil Atkinson is holding it together. Adam Melia pulling it apart. John Gibbons somewhere in between. Asking this: Are you gonna bang doe?

Are you?

The Rider. Fit as fuck. Wishing you the happiest of Christmases.

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IN the wake of Watford 3 Liverpool 0, Neil Atkinson is joined by Gareth Roberts and Melissa Reddy to pick the bones out of another disappointing defeat.

Neil and Robbo have a heated argument about the character, or lack of, in the team and how much it's contributing to Liverpool's poor form. 

They then let Melissa talk about how the team ideally should be setting up, and how Klopp can get more out of what he's got.

Finally they all try and map a way forward for Liverpool for the upcoming fixtures. 

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