NEIL ATKINSON was joined by Sean Roger, Craig Rimmer and Kristan Heneage as the Tricky Reds look to build on a mid week League Cup victory over Swansea

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John Gibbons has brought his bad day. Stephanie Heneghan has brought donuts. Adam Melia has brought his partner, Linny. Neil Atkinson has brought his stuff. He has a train to catch. What fun could ensue? 

Between them they are packing ten great songs mostly from artists you probably haven't heard before. Come and join the Rider Party.’

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Neil Atkinson, John Gibbons, Adam Melia and Stephanie Heneghan welcome Shit Robot onto the show to talk about his Liverpool Halloween gig amongst other things. PLUS - Liverpool Music Week, HMHB and Steph's new phone thing. Ten great songs too. Seriously. The tunes are the business this week. That's The Rider.’

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NEIL ATKINSON was joined by Rob Gutmann, Steve Graves and Martin Fitzgerald after another disapointing weekend for the Reds.

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NEIL ATKINSON, Gareth Roberts, John Gibbons and Phil Blundell are in the tower to reflect on Real Madrid’s absolute pasting of Liverpool Football Club before looking forward to the list of Hull.

Music this week from The Baltic States and Carl Moorcroft
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NEIL ATKINSON was joined by Andy Heaton, Mike Nevin, Adam Smith and Si Steers in the aftermatch of the chaos of Loftus Road and they pick the bones out Liverpool's shambolic defence before looking towards the visit of Real Madrid.

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