NEIL ATKINSON was joined by Peter Hooton, Mike Nevin and Simon Hughes as they look towards the frankly head spinning title decider against Manchester City at Anfield this weekend.

Music this week from Hooton Tennis Club and One Day
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THE new Liverpool home kit for 2014-15 was designed with an eye on the classic kits of lethal striker Roger Hunt's era in the 1960s. As well as calling on current stars - Simon Mignolet, Jordan Henderson, Kolo Toure and Philippe Coutinho - to do some modelling, LFC asked another legendary striker, Robbie Fowler, along to help with the launch in Liverpool city centre.

The current players had emerged from a shipping container outside the Hilton to show off the new kit, all-red of course for the outfield players, purple for the goalkeeper.

Afterwards TAW's Mike Nevin and Jim Boardman were joined by Matt Ladson from This is Anfield for an exclusive chat with Robbie.

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