NEIL AKTINSON was joined by John Gibbons, Karl Coppack, Alex Koschier, Scot Williams and Andy Heaton after another Anfield annihilation.

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NEIL ATKINSON was joined by Karl Coppack, Rob Gutmann and Tony Barrett as they chat Sunderland at Anfield the upcoming visit of Spurs and 'We Never Walked Alone', Steve Kelly's charity walk from Hillsborough to Anfield.

Music this week from Sunstack Jones and Edge of Eden.

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Neil chats to Steph and also chats to Adam and John - a disjointed Rider brought together by two gentle openers and eight other fantastic songs. Puddings, Letterman and half marathons. Don't run. RIDE. 

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Neil is joined by Andy Heaton, Mike Girling and Paul Cope to reflect on Liverpool's run of the mill 6-3 win at Cardiff. They are also joined by Steve Goldsmith to talk about the forthcoming game against Sunderland.

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Neil was joined by Gareth Roberts, Mike Girling and Steve Graves in the City Tower as they look towards Cardiff away and the gathering momentum of the Champions Elect.

The City Walls - Spanish Bride
The City Walls are a band from Liverpool much loved by other musicians in the city, which is why they are able to pull together brilliant line ups like the one next Friday at Kazamier.
They headline on the 29th, with Springtime Anchorage, The Levons and She Drew The Gun in support.
Tickets are £6.50 in advance and available from or Bier on Newington in Liverpool.
We have two tickets to give away to the person who can tell us the name of the lead singer of the band
Day With Mary - The Pleasure Principle
Another show next weekend is a reunion gig by Liverpool band Day With Mary.
Day With Mary were together from 2002 to 2007 and toured across Europe with bands such as Coheed and Cambria, Fightstar, Million Dead and Hundred Reasons.

Bass player Greg McDonnell, who worked at The Royal Hospital, died suddenly last weekend at the age of 31. The rest of the band are playing a show at McGuires Pizza Bar on Renshaw Street on Saturday 29th to raise money towards funeral costs and an epilepsy charity.
If you can't make to the show you can donate via to the email address
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Neil, John, Adam and Steph chat to Jen Handorf about getting people out of the house and in to the cinema, True Detective and words ending in o. 


The Rider then - loads great songs and John brings the punk. 

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