Neil, Peter Hooton, Andy Heaton and Rob Gutmann discuss the upcoming visit to St Marys



Music this week from Cavalry and Roja

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Neil, John, Steph and Adam discuss Prince, Beyonce, jobs, male friendship and new structures. 

Ten great songs, more verbal reviews and all the fun of the Rider fair... 

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Neil Atkinson, Paul Johnson, Si Steers, Ben Johnson and an opening cast of thousands...

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Neil was joined by Steve Graves, Rob Gutmann and Rory Smith as they look towards another pivotal game against Swansea this weekend.

Music this week from I Am Mammel and Paul Straws

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Neil, John, Steph and Adam are joined by Johnno from Bugged Out and get knocked over by the Southport Weekender. 


They also almost talk about their favourite songs that mention other musicians, Cool Runnings in other languages and whether or not The Rider gets you girls. And nine terrific songs. 


Steady as she goes, that's The Rider this week. 

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Neil, Mike Girling, Steve Graves and John Gibbons try and pick the bones out possibly the worst refereeing display in history.

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