Ahead of the visit to Steve Bruce's Hull City Neil was joined in the CityTalk studios by John Gibbons, Steve Graves and Alison McGovern, with Jonathan Wilson on the phone to discuss his new book, The Anatomy of Liverpool.

This week’s music is from The Levons (@TheLevons) and The Old Silent (@theoldsilent).

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 Neil, John, Adam and Steph revisit The Cyclist, push on into Wolf Alice and join the Math & Physics Club. 

Evian Christ! It is The Rider... 

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Neil was joined by Peter Hooton and Rob Gutmann as they pick their way through the 3-3 draw with Everton

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Neil was joined by Mike Nevin, John Gibbons and David Downie as they look towards the weekends Goodison derby.

Music this week from The Sundowners and She Drew The Gun
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This week Neil, John, Adam and Steph talk about Berlin, JFK, nudity and the mid 80s. 

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Neil was joined Dan Kay, Steve Graves and David Bartlett as they chat about Sara Williams book ‘With Hope In Her Heart’, a memoir and tribute to her Mother, Anne Williams.

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