Neil, John, Steph and Adam play ten great songs, have a gig of the week in Luxembourg and discuss clothes or no clothes for female pop stars. It's The Rider - getting into things.

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Neil is joined by Phil Blundell, Paul Cope and Rob Gutmann to talk about Liverpool's 4-1 win over West Bromwich Albion. Shock over Sturridge; awe over Suarez and even praise for the midfield. Who saw that coming...

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Neil Atkinson is joined by John Gibbons and Paul Cope to talk about penalties, why Daniel Sturridge isn't the most loved man in Liverpool, the three at the back question. They are joined by Mia Tagg and Jayne Lawless from Homebaked Anfield to chat about community, the naming of ovens and Shankly's favourite pie. Neil, John and Paul then preview West Bromwich Albion. It's a big game apparently. Who knew? The Anfield Wrap's Friday night. Get baked. Get Home Baked...

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Title - A Bit Mad 

Blurb - From nowhere Neil, John, Adam and Steph discuss The X-Files and clatter along at a much greater pace than last week. 

Ten great songs and David Duchovny. What more does anyone need? 

Th Rdr - no vowels to make us the hipsters choice

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Neil, Joel Richards, Nick O'Prey and Rob Gutmann reflect up on the one point gained/two points dropped at St James Park.

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Neil was joined in the tower by Gareth Roberts, John Gibbons, Kevin Sampson and James McKenna with Deborah Glass on the phone as they talked supporter representation, club leadership and IPCC leafleting 

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