Neil, Gibbo and Rob crawl their hungover, victorious carcasses up the Radio City Tower to reflect on the Tricky Red's victory over Sunderland.
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Neil, Nick O'Prey, Andy and Mike are in this week to talk about the Man United defeat and look towards Sunderland at the weekend

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This week's Rider has Neil and John discussing their Norwich plans, Adam catching a Busan and Steph getting nostalgic. 

The four get into issues around press releases, find themselves guitar heavy and are accidentally so on message it hurts. 

The Rider - we wouldn't change the name for anything. 10 great songs and possibly even good talk.

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Neil was joined by Rob Gutmann, Gareth Roberts and Mike Girling after Liverpool's dire home defeat against Southampton.

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Neil was joined by Mike Nevin, Kristian Walsh, Steve Graves and Sheila Coleman as they look forward to the Southampton game and chat with Sheila about the latest information from the IPCC in light of the weeks latest disclosures.

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Neil, John, Adam and Steph are joined by Sam and Simon from Married To The Sea to discuss their innovative new band showcase 10 Bands 10 Minutes. 

They also have breaking Rider news, Adam's first Worldwide gig of the week and discuss Britney, bitch. 

Expect talk of holidays, Breaking Bad and Jimmy Nail. This is The Rider and we aren't lying. 

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