Neil was joined in the CityTalk tower by John Gibbons and Jay McKenna to talk about values and football ahead of Sunday's game at home to Moyes's Mancs.

Music this week from Twin Bee and Call Off The Search.

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Neil, John, Adam and Steph talk about audience suggestions, Portland festivals and Christmas coming fast. 

Ten great songs and loads of fun. This week's Rider is banger heavy. 

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Neil Atkinson hosts at the top of the tower with Rob Gutmann, Kristian Walsh and Mike Girling discuss Liverpool grinding it out, Notts County and will Liverpool move in the market

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Neil Atkinson is joined by John Gibbons and Mike Nevin to talk about Brendan Rodgers' transfer market frustration. The trio then speak to Tim Abraham about Aston Villa before Liverpool's trip there on Saturday

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Neil, John, Adam and Steph are joined by Tom from Outfit to talk about South Liverpool's football scene, the provincial press and their new album Performance. 

There is also banging on about Summercamp, the British rap scene and Rivers. 

Crossing its D's and dotting its G's this is The Rider. Saddle up... 

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Neil is joined by Sean Rogers, Rob Gutmann and Mike Nevin to talk about Liverpool's scrappy 1-0 thrashing of Stoke City. Seventy minutes! Everyone is very excitable... 

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