Neil, Adam and Stephanie are joined by Matt from The Blank Tapes to talk about Californian music.

They also dwell on jet lag, codeine and the Pet Shop Boys, play 10 great songs and try their best not to miss the Gibbonian glue that binds them all together. That's this week's Rider, not quite bereft...

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Neil, John, Adam and Steph go guestless for the first time but still deliver 10 great songs and get into it on emo, Merge, Bella Union and See Tickets. 


It is The Rider, having fun and being demob happy. 

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Neil was joined by Steve Graves, Mike Girling and Kristian Walsh as they chat about off the pitch matters, transfers and the end of the Asia/Australia tour.

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Neil was joined in ABC' Melbourne Studios by Gareth Roberts, Jim Boardman, John Gibbons, Ben Darcy and Andy Gargett as they reflected on an massive week for Liverpool in Australia.

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In a podcast special, Brendan Rodgers takes time out on LFC's tour of Australia and Asia to chat to The Anfield Wrap

Apologies in advance for the poor sound quality

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Neil, John, Steph and Adam are joined by JP Waddington of Liverpool's Summercamp Festival talking about the challenges of year one. 

They also talk about eponymous albums, the question over Pledge and Steph's frock. 

It's The Rider. Ten great songs in a shiny bow. 

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