Andy was joined by Rob Gutmann, Martin Fitzgerald and The Echo's Neil Jones as they went over LFC's new proactive approach in the transfer market and what to expect next season

Music this week from Married To The Sea and Ian Prowse

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Neil and John talk to Proper Pop Star John Newman about his forthcoming tour, Northern Soul and songwriting. They are joined by Adam to talk about Glastonbury and Steph to talk Bobby Womack. Summer and holiday vibes abound. The Rider drops anchor before heading off for new adventures. 

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Neil, Mike, Rob and Gareth chat about the previous weeks goings on at Anfield and the still rumbling on Mognolet saga

Also bonus end of season reviews

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Title A Case For The Defence?
Neil, John and Jim talk about the question marks on Liverpool's defence collectively and individually and they are joined to talk Arsenal by Sam from Married To The Sea. Expect unlikely Morientes and still, always, McMahon
Music this week from The Wobbly Hearts and Kahuna
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Neil and John talk to Adam about Alton Towers, to Steph about Kanye and to Josh McClorey about how brilliant it is to be in The Strypes. Great guests, late changes and ten great songs. This is The Styrder. Join us. 

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Neil is joined by Rob Gutmann and Sean Rogers and they discuss the seemingly imminent arrvial or Simon Mignolet and departure of Pepe Reina

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