Neil was joined by Gibbo and Mike Nevin up the tower as they look the the ever changing situation with Luis Suarez

Music this week from Fidel Afro and former Zuton Boyan Chowdhury with David South

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Neil Atkinson, John Gibbons and Adam Melia welcome Tania Harrison of Latitude festival onto The Rider as a guest to discuss *that* Saturday night and the logistics of 3-d glasses in a field. Stephanie Heneghan makes her debut sprinkling pop stardust over proceedings and there is talk of camera phones, difficult Sundays in festivals and the game of kubb. The Rider - ten great songs and still prepared to go where other music podcasts fear to tread. Or have the good sense to avoid. Get in the saddle. 

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Neil, Ben, Gibbo, Mike Nevin, John Gibbo, Kristian Walsh, Steve Graves, Andy and Roy Henderson give thier end of season verdicts for season 2013 and look to how Liverpool can push on.

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Neil, Rob and Andy are up St Johns Beacon as they talk about the impact of potentially replacing an entire defence over the Summer.

Music this week from Thomas McConell and Ste Hedley

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Neil, John and Adam talk to Steve Sullivan, maker of a new documentary about Frank Sidebottom/Chris Sievey and Ste Routledge, a long time fan of both. They also play nine crackers, pose the question about parks, question exactly how much pull John Gibbons has and has Neil taken the song selection to pieces this week. It's competitive, it's quick and it features a discussion on Mancunian comedy. It is The Rider and it wants you on board.
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Neil was joined by the BBC's Peter Marshall, Sheila Coleman of the HJC and The Echo's Steve Graves as they discuss the fallout from Peter's documentary on how the authorities covered up the true facts of the Hillsborough Disaster

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