Neil was joined by Rob Gutmann, Sachin Nakrani,Jim Boardman, Nick O'Prey, Paul Cope, Sean Rogers and Kristian Walsh after Liverpool's 6-0 demolition of Newcastle United.

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Neil, Gibbo, Timo from Tea Street Band and Andy Heaton guide you through the last of the Sound City Special podcasts with tunes from Wille Moon, The Hummingbirds and The Tea Street Band

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Neil was joined live up the City Tower by Gibbo and Ben Johnson for a cool, calm and collected discussion about Suarez, the FA, fireworks and Newcastle. May contain a swear.

Music this week from The Troubadours with 'Where the Rain Falls' and Dingus Khan with 'Knifey Spoony'.

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Neil and John are joined by Andy Heaton, Dave Pichilingi and the lads from Married To The Sea in the 2nd Sound City Special

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In the first of Three Sound City Specials, Neil and Gibbo are joined by Steve Graves, Becky Ayres from Liverpool Sound City and Andy Ashton from Cold Shoulder

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Neil Atkinson, John Gibbons and Adam Melia are joined by Nick Hemming from The Leisure Society and talk about flutes, jukeboxes and gigs in unlikely places. With ten great songs stretching across decades, continents and genres The Rider stretches its legs while playing its first Liverpool originated song.

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