Neil was joined by Rob, Andy, Gibbo, Mike Girling and Ragnhild Lund Ansnes in a week where fuck all happened.

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Neil was joined in the town by Ben Johnson, John Gibbons and Rory Smith as they reflect on Jamie Carragher's last ever European appearance for Liverpool

Music this week from DoubleDoublePlusGood and Silent Sleep

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Neil, Rob & Mike were joined by Esco Williams, Karl Coppack and Paul Cope in a post Bray/Swansea mash up.

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Neil is joined by Gibbo and Gareth Roberts in a hectic pre Bray live show.

Music this week from Esco Williams and Dying Embers

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Neil, Rob, Jim, Mike, Kristian and Nick were joined by Neil Sang, Paul Machin and Jayne Lawless in Seel Street Studios as they try to avoid talking about the WBA result.

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Neil and Rob are joined by Joel Richards, Jay McKenna and the Football Supporters Federations Amanda Jacks and they discuss ticket prices, Jamie Carragher's imminent retirement and how hard hard it's going to be to replace the Bootle Baresi.

Music this week from Mercury 13 and Dave Giles

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