Neil was joined by Joel Richards, Nick O'Prey, Mike Girling, Rob Gutmann, Stephanie Till, Chris Maguire and Rob Vincent.

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Neil, Nick, Andy and Jim are up St Johns Beacon this week as they chat about the potential arrival of Coutinho and the trip round to Boundary Park.

Music this week from Voo and Krafty Kuts

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Neil, Mike Nevin, Nick O'Prey, Paul Machin and belatedly Andy Heaton overcome treacherous conditions (©BBC) to look back at the 5-0 demolition of Norwich City.

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Neil, Gibbo, Rob and Girling brave the cold snap to bring you your regular hour of witty repartee with special guest Juliet Jacques.

This week, its Ian Ayre under the microscope before looking towards the visit of Norwich City

Music this week from Puzzle AND an rather special exclusive playing of The Tea Street Bands yet to be released single 'Push The Feeling On'

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Neil is joined by Mike Nev, Mike Girling, Rob Gutmann, Kristian Walsh, Paul Cope, Andrew Heaton and United We Stand's Steve Armstrong as they look back at the trip to Old Trafford

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This week Neil is joined by John Gibbo and Sean Rogers and they look towards to dreaded trip to Old Trafford.

Music this week from Hypnobeam and Danny Gruff

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