This is another game devised for us by John Furlong. So thanks to him.

It works like this – we will have two mock transfer committees. Each will have 25 minutes maximum to come to an agreement about transfer strategy, who comes, who goes and when and present to me wherein I will be the blag John Henry. A role I was born to play. They can do all this within the following boundaries:

15m to spend.

You can only sell the players listed for the values listed and only buy the players listed for the values listed.

As many suggested changes as you like but I may question any attempts to be overambitious in terms of workload.

I will ask questions about age, willingness to join and likely wage expenditure too.

No one can be recalled from loan but loanees do form part of the squad long term.

For the sake of this argument no one can be loaned.

Let me be clear – we have no idea how much Liverpool will have to spend in this window or how the committee will work or what transfer fees will be or the likely signings. We’re just playing a game.

Hope you enjoy the hour.

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Neil was joined by Mike Girling, Kristian Walsh and Sean Rogers after another controversy laden away defeat for the Tricky Reds

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Neil as joined by Andy Gargett, Phil Blundell and Rob Gutmann as they reflect on a fantastic, yet worthless performance at Manchester City.

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Neil was joined by Rob Gutmann, Karl Coppack and Gareth Roberts and they chat about the current league leaders, another comfortable home win and the trip to The Etihad.

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Neil was joined by Nick O'Pray, Sean Rogers, John Gibbons and Tony Barrett for a show recorded on a very good day at the end of a very good week for Liverpool FC, just before Christmas with everyone excited. Get on it!

Music this week from Jimmy & The Revolvers and Broken Men.

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Neil, John, Steph and Adam have a party and you are invited to a bumper edition. 

White port, music new and old(er) and loads of fun and thanks. 

See you next year! 

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