Neil is joined in the tower by Steve Graves and John Gibbons as they look back at the slaying of West Brom and towards Norwich away with Juliet Jacques

Music this week from Dead Dukes and Mathew Carroll

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Neil, Kristian, Rob and Andy were joined by Daniel Fitzsimmons, James Sutton and Andy and Chris from Cold Shoulder in this weeks Parr St session as they chat about the United game, Mark Halsey and what to expect from West Brom as well as a chat about LFC's youngsters.

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In another live show from the tower, Neil is joined by Nick O'Prey and John Gibbons as they talk Young Boys, our young lads and United at Anfield

Music this week from Married To The Sea and Qatsi

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In an exclusive interview with The Anfield Wrap, Rafa Benitez speak to Neil Atkinson, Dan Garb, Tony Evans and Rory Smith about his book, his football idealogy, his ideas on youth football and just why he picked that starting line up in Athens.

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Neil, Rob, Mike and Steve are joined by Lewis Cubbin and United We Stand contributor Stephen Armstrong as they pore over the weekend performance, the media narrative on the HIP enquiry and the reaction to chanting at the United game.

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Neil is joined by Mike Girling, Steve Graves and Mike Nevin as they pull apart what has been a historic week for the city.

Music this week from Rachael Wright, Silent Sleep and a very special track from the Irish Sea Sessions group to close the show.

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