This week's Citytalk show had to be recorded live due to the relentless roll of transfer deadline day. Accompanying a hoarse Neil were John Gibbons and Nick O'Prey while in the background Andy Heaton kept all aware of any developments. On the phone were Rob Gutmann and Rory Smith. The Anfield Wrap captured deadline day chaos but everyone survived.

Music this week from from from Death Masks and Voo.

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Brendan Rodgers talks to the press before Liverpool's Europa League tie at Anfield against Hearts of Midlothian about the impending fixture and also about any potential pre deadling transfers.

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Neil is joined by Ben Johnson, Jim Boardman, Rob Gutmann, Barrie White, Fernando Duarte, Sean Rogers, Alex Koschier, Steve Graves, Nick O'Prey, Phil Blundell as they look back at the City game in a Bank Holiday special.

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Neil is joined in the CityTalk studio by John Gibbons, Kevin Sampson and Peter Hooton and they chat about the Hearts game and look forward to the City game with Bluemoon's own Dave Mooney

Music this week from Mohebbi and Thomas McConnell

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Brendan Rodgers pre Man City Press Conference Audio

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Neil and the gang plus a few special guests look back on the disappointing West Brom result, what can be taken from it and what you can and can't judge from one game.

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