Neil, Mike, Gareth, Nick, Steve, Andy and the returning Rob Gutmann get bevvied and talk about Liverpool for an hour, it's all a bit messy.

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Neil, Andy and Mike are joined by Neil Jones from the Liverpool Echo, Chair of LFC Boston Tim Treacy and Twisted Bloods Andi Thomas as they discuss the US Tour, Joe Allen, the Corporate beast that has become football and also that shower from down the M62.

Music this week from The Last Gambados and Swami Baracus

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Neil, Phil, Andy. Nick, John Gibbo, the returning Mike Girling and AFC Liverpool's Chris Stirrup chat about the on/off/definately maybe exit of Andy Carroll, the potential loss of Martin Skrtel, the Toronto friendly and the HJC memorial.

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Neil is back and joined by Jim Boardman, Jay McKenna and Sean Rogers as they talk dictators, Carroll Agger, Rodgers, Borini and Rangers downfall and its parallels with the Reds under Hicks and Gillett.

Music this week by Silent Sleep and 28 Costumes.

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Neil is back for the first podcast of the new season and is joined by Andy Heaton, Nick O'Prey, Dan Fitz and Sean Rogers as they look forward to the US tour and Rodgers first season in charge.

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Guest presenter and ACTUAL RADIO PROFESSIONAL Paul Salt steps in for Neil Atkinson this week to host TAW on City Talk and is joined by Jim Boardman, Gareth Roberts and Mike Nevin

Music this week from The Mono LP's and The Down and Outs

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