TAW CityTalk Phone In #5

Neil hosts the City Talk 105.9 football phone in and is joined in the studio by John Gibbons and a host of callers from around the world to talk about Liverpool, the Euros and to find out where exactly Brendan Rodgers should move to.

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Neil is joined by Gareth Roberts, Steve Graves and Mike Girling with Iain Macintosh on the phone as they discuss what Liverpool are paying - or not paying - for potential new signings (not to mention their wages), a bit of England, some Euros and even a touch of Football Manager. 

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Summer goes on but England's march to Euro2012 glory comes to an end meaning there's a certain mood to this week's podcast. Rubbing faces alongside Neil Atkinson are Nick O'Prey, Rob Gutmann, Sachin Nakrani, Jim Boardman, Sean Rogers, Mike Nevin and even Richard Turvey as they talk about that England match and what England's future looks like, along with the ins and outs of the other Euro 2012 quarter finals and their predictions for what's left of the tournament. They even find time to talk Liverpool, transfers and how the Reds might approach next season. 



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The Anfield Wrap - CityTalk Ep. 15

Neil is joined by Kevin Sampson, John Gibbons, Catherine Stewart and Rory Smith as they chat a bit about Liverpool, about Spurs, about the Euros and about Steven Gerrard leaning to the right.

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Neil hosts the City Talk football phone in and is joined in the studio by Mike Nevin - before he gets off to have his tea - and callers from around the world to discuss Liverpool, the Euros, candidates for the Spurs job, Martin Skrtel and more.

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Neil, Mike, Rob, Nick, Jim and Dan Fitzsimmons talk about the fixtures for next season, some of Liverpool's possible transfer targets, the new stadium (or not) as well as looking at the business end of the Euro 2012 group stages.

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