The few who weren't ill turned up at Parr Street for the last podcast of the year to talk about LFC's win at QPR, the transfer window and the visit of Sunderland.

The hardy souls joining Neil were John Gibbons, Mike Girling, Rob Gutmann, Jim Boardman and Claire Jones. 

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Neil is joined by Ben Johnno and John Gibbo as they discuss another embarrassment of a performance against Stoke before turning the focus on QPR on Sunday.

Music this week from The Protocols

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Neil and pretty much everyone bar Kristian cram into Parr Street to record this years Christmas podcast along with Frankie Goes to Hollywood guitarist Brian Nash who answers the THAT question about THAT single.

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In the second part of the Christmas special, Neil hosts the 2nd Christmas quiz, which was in no way a fix whatsoever.

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Jim, Gareth and Mike were amongst other fan sites and blogs offered the opportunity to speak to Brendan Rodgers at Melwood earlier this afternoon about the season so far, his plans for January and this vision for the club, here is the full audio from the chat.

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Neil is Steve Graves, Nick O'Prey and Rory Smith on the blower as they look towards Fulham at the weekend and have a chat about fan culture and how its changed over the years.

Music this week from Cold Shoulder and DoubleDoublePlusGood  

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