This week Neil Atkinson is joined by Rob Gutmann, James Pearce, Jim Boardman, Kristian Walsh, James Sutton, Darren Farley and Andy Heaton as they discuss Stoke, the ongoing demonisation of Luis Suarez, his blossoming partnership with wor Andy, West Brom and Uncle Woy.

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Neil Atkinson was joined today by an incredible cast, where emotion ran central to discussion and sensitivity held anchor for subjectivity, namely; Rob Gutmann, Jay McKenna, Peter Hooton, Sheila Coleman, Steve Rotheram, Damian Kavanagh, Tony Evans and myself. The result made for free flowing, free feeling, free founding and compelling listening. It was a privilage to be a part of this and I'm confidently convinced you'll feel the same. Here it is; as real and, in some instances, as raw as it gets.

Stephen Martin 

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In one of the most intense episodes to date, host Neil Atkinson serves as mediator to Rob Gutmann, Mike Girling, Jim Boardman, Kristian Walsh, Andy Heaton and Jay McKenna. The group argue over Norwich, two points dropped, striking options, Stoke and Roy Hodgson ahead of their trip to The Hawthorns.  

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Host Neil Atkinson is joined by an action-packed cast to discuss Manchester United, Patrice Evra’s allegations, Ian Ayre and their night at the Empire with Rafa Benitez. As well as Gutmann, Girling, Boardman, Walsh and Smith, the crew are joined by Arnie Baldursson and Gudmundur Magnusson (founders of, impressionist Darren Farley and Scot Williams, who discusses the premiere of Will – the story of how one young boy reached Istanbul.

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In Istanbul, we won it five times. Host Neil Atkinson chairs the usual rabble: Rob Gutmann, Mike Girling, Kristian Walsh, Jim Boardman, Simon Hughes and, fresh from signing on, the unemployed Rory Smith. In addition, European Cup winning manager and Liverpool legend Rafael Benitez pops in for a chat about the Montse Benitez Foundation, why Manchester United should worry about Liverpool, fighting for the future of the club and the correct pronunciation of David De Gea.

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Neil Atkinson is joined by Rob Gutmann, Mike Girling, Jim Boardman, Kristian Walsh, Andy Heaton, Brian Durand and Peter Hooton as they chew over the Derby, Carroll, Lucas, Martin Atkinson and the palest man on the planet, Tony Hibbert.

Peter Hooton discusses the reissue of The End and Jim Boardman interviews Rafael Benitez about the Montse Benitez foundation, his legacy at the academy and how his contract negotiation were never about money or power.

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