Host Neil Atkinson is joined by messers Walsh, McKenna, Martin, Guttman, Girling, Radio Merseyside's Peter McDowell and LFC TV's Mark Platt. The crew discuss all things Liverpool: Exeter, Bolton, the day Manchester ran riot in London and Joe Fagan's treble winning season of 1984 - all with a mouthful of cake.

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HOST Neil Atkinson is this week joined by Chris Brereton, Jay McKenna, Kristian Walsh, Mike Girling, Rob Gutmann, Jim Boardman and Stephen Martin as they discuss the Arsenal performance, what we can take from it and where we can improve.

The lads also touch on the Hillsborough document release petition 

Oh, and Jay has another rant.

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HOST Neil Atkinson is joined by Rob Gutmann, Rory Smith of The Telegraph, Jim Boardman, Gareth Roberts, Phil Blundell and Kristian Walsh in our second episode as they discuss the damp squib which was the Sunderland game, review the weekend’s other fixtures, refereeing standards and Jose Enrique all whilst simultaneously eating the finest cake in the west (courtesy of Laura’s Little Bakery).

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Episode One of this brand new weekly podcast is hosted by ‘Our Neil’ (Neil Atkinson) with the Liverpool Echo’s own James Pearce, the godfather of the city’s bar and club scene Rob Gutmann, Everton Football Club pin-up James McKenna, professional man about town Kristian Walsh, Andy “safe hands” Heaton and the oracle that is Jim Boardman.
We’ll be discussing a proverbial smorgasbord of subjects from Hicks and Gillett to Steve Bruce’s head size. To quote the latest Adidas campaign, we at The Anfield Wrap are “All In” – but without THE F****** BLUE.

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