The show that started it all. Available to non-subscribers and subscribers alike, The Anfield Wrap is your essential look at the key issues on the mind of all Liverpool supporters. Whether it is the weekend's game just gone, the summer transfer business or matters pertaining to events off the pitch, Recorded in Liverpool city centre every Sunday or Monday The Anfield Wrap is core listening for all Liverpool fans all over the world.

This week's Anfield Wrap is hosted by Neil Atkinson and he is joined by Ian Salmon and John Gibbons. The three talk about Liverpool's players in the Euros, the dearth of centre forwards, continent wide, Liverpool's transfer options and the fact that the progress has slowed.

The Anfield Wrap is the flagship show for TAW - it is the weekly bespoke free show. Other shows are available as a part of a subscription model. For £5 a month you can subscribe here and receive up to 15 new shows a week, along with every show done for TAW Player to date. It's a fantastic world of Liverpool FC content and we hope you can join us for it.


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