NEIL ATKINSON is joined by Sean 'Mold Alexandra FC' Rogers and Ben 'The Dog and Duck' Johnson for a hot an heavy look at Liverpool 4 Everton 0.

And how hot and heavy it got. But before all the goals the lads try to assess why Jurgen Klopp picked the team he did, who he might have been looking to nullify and what weaknesses he might have been trying to exploit. 

As the game progressed who became key men in Liverpool's success? How were Liverpool able to attain such a level of dominance, and who disappointed for Everton? Could Roberto Martinez have done anything differently to resist The Reds onslaught?

As the second half turned into a training ground exercise were the players right to take their foot of the pedal for bigger tests to come, or would 'full throttle football' have helped build confidence and sharpness?

They also look ahead to Newcastle and debate how many changes Jurgen Klopp should make. It's a Tuesday Review on a Thursday night. What more could you want. 

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