NEIL ATKINSON, Mike Girling, Kieran Morris were joined by Stu Wright to sum up where and what Liverpool are up to going in to the new season.

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Neil Atkinson and John Gibbons are joined by Jim Boardman, Mat Kendrick from the Birmingham Mail and Josh Boyd from Liverpool Loves. 

Benteke, the Midlands's malaise, Liverpool business and Liverpool's business all come up.’

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NEIL ATKINSON is joined by John Gibbons, Stephanie Heneghan and Adam Melia. Ten great records with talking in between. Everything you could hope for.

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Pure enthusiasm from Neil Atkinson, Paul Cope and Steve Graves off the news Liverpool are buying a big money centre forward. They talk about the sheer possibilities opening up across the season. What a day to be alive.’

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SUB HOST John Gibbons is joined by Gareth Roberts, Melissa Reddy and Alison McGovern to discuss the weeks big news. Sterling OUT, Benteke POSSIBLY IN and Henderson CAPTAIN. Weekend starts here

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ANOTHER show with no Gibbo, and we're recording on a Friday - everything is turned on its a head a bit... so we just have a bevvy and choose our favourites from the year so far.


12 great tracks, ale from the Tesco, and an air of hysteria throughout - it's the Rider.

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