NEIL ATKINSON is joined by Rob Gutmann, John Gibbons and Paul Cope after Liverpool's season opening 2-1 win over Southampton.

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ANOTHER season awaits for Liverpool just weeks after the highs and the final low of last season. Now Brendan's tricky Reds need to start all over again, with loads of new bodies to help push them that little bit further. 

In the CityTalk studio this week Neil Atkinson was joined by Sean Rodgers, John Gibbons and Yaw Owusu.  

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Neil Atkinson, John Gibbons, Adam Melia and Stephanie Heneghan have Craig Pennington joining them to talk about the Liverpool International Psych Festival along with ten good songs and the band name Adam Melia says is the worst he has heard since Does It Offend You, Yeah? 

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NEIL ATKINSON is joined by Jim Boardman, Paul Cope and Paul Johnson to chat about LFC's impressive pre season win against Dortmund, the impressive debuts of Dejan Lovren and Javier Manquillo as well as sizing up the impending arrival of Alberto Moreno and the impending start to the season.

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NEIL ATKINSON was joined by Mike Girling, Nick O'Prey and John Gibbons for this week's Anfield Wrap on CityTalk 105.9.

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Neil Atkinson, John Gibbons, Adam Melia and Stephanie Heneghan have ten fantastic songs and almost as many good links as they talk about seemingly everything in the world. Go them. They are the water, the songs are the wine, your palette should be overjoyed...’

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