NEIL ATKINSON was joined by John Gibbons, Nick O'Prey, Mike Girling, Jay McKenna and Alison McGovern is a jam packed edition of The Anfield Wrap on City Talk.

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NEIL ATKINSON, John Gibbons, Stephanie Heneghan welcome Greg Wilson to the show to talk about his live event at the weekend. In addition they talk about last week's show to be meta, marathons, California and Adam not going to Amsterdam.’

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NEIL ATKINSON was joined by Rob Gutmann, Jim Boardman and Steve Graves in a TAW special looking back on the 99/00 season, Gerard Houllier's first full season in sole charge.



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As you might know, Neil and John wrote a book about last season. They had lots of people's help. The acknowledgments go on for ages. Having written a book some bright spark had the idea for an audio book but they didn't want to just read out what they had written. So what they did was choose some pieces to read and then discuss stuff in the pieces, stuff not in the pieces, just in general talk about the season once it was over. Not unlike a big podcast. That big podcast (over 10 hours) is here.
About half of the pieces in the book are read out and of the ten hours less than half of it is spent reading things out. Reading things out is hard. Talking away isn't. So they had different people to talk to, for the first third they are joined by Steve Graves, for the second third by Gareth Roberts and Martin Fitzgerald comes aboard for the run in.
At the link above you can hear other sample chapters but this one covers Oldham and Stoke City away from last season and has Gareth Roberts representing the guests. If you like this sort of thing, please buy it. If it isn't for you, disregard.
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NEIL ATKINSON was joined Chris Carline, Cathal Harkin and Iain MacIntosh for this weeks Anfield Wrap on City Talk 105.9

Music this week from The Gloaming and Shea

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Neil Atkinson and John Gibbons are on their own in the studio but joined on the phone by Dave Giles to discuss recent You Tube community controversies. As ever, it's ten great songs, just two lonely men introducing them, high in the sky...

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