NEIL ATKINSON is joined by Raheem Sterling's agent...

Felt oddly possible for a second didn't it?

Honestly he isn't. He's joined by Rob Gutmann and Mike Girling instead and they talk about the Sterling situation aka the Soundtrack To Your Summer.

Plus a Schoolyard. Plus Stoke.

Everything you need. TAW atop the tower...

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Sound City Special with us locked in a tiny room with only two mics.
But Stephanie Heneghan walks us through Friday, John Gibbons Saturday before Adam Melia rounds off the weekend with great tunes and tears.
Throughout click the screen to buy tickets to Liverpool Sound City.
Ten great tasters for a great weekend.


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NEIL ATKINSON, John Gibbons and Gareth Roberts are in for this weeks regular Monday podcast to dissect another miserable Liverpool collapse at the hands of supposedly inferior opposition.

Did the occasion get to Liverpool? Are we actually any good? Was anyone really arsed?
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NEIL ATKINSON was joined by Mike Girling, John Gibbons and Paul Cope for this weeks CityTalk.

Only one really talking point, the man, the legend, the greatest player ever to pull on a Liverpool shirt.

Mr Steven Gerrard.

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NEIL ATKINSON, Stephanie Heneghan and Adam Melia welcome back a John Gibbons in full voice.
And what voice. What songs this week. The Rider has ten absolute crackers. A joy to behold. Along with all the usual nonsense.  All of it.


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AFTER GUARDS OF HONOUR, rounds of applause and general fume Neil Atkinson is joined by Gareth Roberts, Simon Hughes and Marie Lunde to discuss the football. The actual football and that. They also look at where the club goes next. Full and frank as ever. The Anfield Wrap.

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