NEIL ATKINSON and John Gibbons provide their reaction to today's monumental news of the verdict of the Hillsborough inquest which have absolutely exonerated Liverpool fans of any blame for the tragic events of 15th April 1989.


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NEIL ATKINSON, John Gibbons and Stephanie Heneghan are joined by Maurice Stewart in Adam Melia's absence and a what a week to be absent for.

Beyonce's Lemonade gets the once over - a visual album to be discussed and deconstructed. How good is it? What stands out?

Prince passing away caught everyone by surprise. What impact did he have on the four in the studio.

Neil has a new song from Sophie & The Bom Boms - hiya Soph! - and it is a cracker. But so are the other ten songs from The Rider this week. John's got stuck into wonk pop. Steph has a delicate cover along with Beyonce. Mo's got a touch of class as you'd expect.

It's The Rider. Going out to everyone whose name has ever been mud...

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NEIL ATKINSON was joined on our free flagship podcast by James McKenna, Rob Gutmann and Simon Hughes for this week’s big show.

The lads discuss Liverpool’s painful 2-2 draw with Rafael Benitez’s Newcastle United, a game in which Liverpool had won by half time only to be caught cold in the second forty five minutes by a Newcastle side hanging on to their Premier League status by the thinnest of threads.

How could Liverpool, seemingly from a position of absolute control, contrive to yet again throw away a two-goal lead?

With even more questions being asked of Simon Mignolet, who handed Newcastle United the initiative with another clanger, surely now Liverpool need to look to improve their goalkeeping options in the Summer.

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NEIL ATKINSON is joined by Sean 'Mold Alexandra FC' Rogers and Ben 'The Dog and Duck' Johnson for a hot an heavy look at Liverpool 4 Everton 0.

And how hot and heavy it got. But before all the goals the lads try to assess why Jurgen Klopp picked the team he did, who he might have been looking to nullify and what weaknesses he might have been trying to exploit. 

As the game progressed who became key men in Liverpool's success? How were Liverpool able to attain such a level of dominance, and who disappointed for Everton? Could Roberto Martinez have done anything differently to resist The Reds onslaught?

As the second half turned into a training ground exercise were the players right to take their foot of the pedal for bigger tests to come, or would 'full throttle football' have helped build confidence and sharpness?

They also look ahead to Newcastle and debate how many changes Jurgen Klopp should make. It's a Tuesday Review on a Thursday night. What more could you want. 

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THE day after the night before it may have been but Liverpool's 1-2 win at Bournemouth told us a lot about Klopp's men and what they are capable of. It has been a season of English sides struggling after European games yet Liverpool were able to make a string of changes and ease to victory.

Neil Atkinson is joined by Ben Smith and Ian Salmon on this week's free podcast to discuss the manner in which Liverpool got their win and what it says about the path going forward.

Daniel Sturridge's performance gets the credit it deserves - whether Jurgen likes it or not! - and the performances of Ward, Ojo and Ibe are all put under the microscope.

The win verged on run of the mill when it was anything but.

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Oh the songs this week. Oh the songs. It is ten magnificent tunes from The Rider. Each comes wrapped in a bow - the best new music out there spanning many genres.

But what else? All the usual nonsensical chat. Much talk of Glasgow. Glasgow bands, Glasgow galleries, Glasgow Barrowlands.

Neil Atkinson hosts; John Gibbons, Stephanie Heneghan and Adam Melia provide all the fun of the fair.

The Rider - very much doing its job this week. Getting you out of the house and into a load of new stuff.

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