JOHN GIBBONS, replacing Neil Atkinson in the hot-seat this week, is joined by Andrew Heaton, Gareth Roberts and The Liverpool Echo's Kristian Walsh for this week's Radio City Talk show.

In the first part of the show the the panel get in to the week that was with the announcement around Liverpool ticketing plans and the subsequent, monumental, climb down from Fenway Sports Group.

Then in the second part of the show, we've got an extended clip for our 'TAW Player' special with Jamie Carragher and Jonathan Northcroft earlier this week, the full 57 minute show is available to subscribers, go, yerknow, get on it and that.

The lads then talk about Liverpool's impending trip to Villa Partk at the weekend, with Remi Garde's Villa rooted to the bottom of the table does it present an opportunity for Liverpool to reward a few of the fringe squad for their positive performances in the FA Cup exit to West Ham earlier in the week or should Jürgen Klopp put out his strongest possible side?

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IN a reaction special, John Gibbons and Andy Heaton are joined by Spirit Of Shankly's James McKenna to talk about tonight's unprecedented statement from Fenway Sports Group who have tonight announced that they are to reverse the changes to ticketing structure announced by the club last week as well as scrapping the much criticised 'categorisation' of tickets depending on opposition.

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NEIL Atkinson is here and then he isn't. He's a busy man. Things to do. But John Gibbons is on hand to take over presenting duties, and he certainly wouldn't do anything rash like promise to buy everyone Beyonce tickets....

Elsewhere there are 10 songs that you will hopefully like and lots of chat that you will hopefully enjoy, including bingo and online shopping. Oh and Steph has brought cake! Not for you, like. There isn't enough. But be pleased for us.


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Neil Atkinson sat down with Graham Smith of the Liverpool Supporters Committee, Jay McKenna of Spirit Of Shankly and Andy Hudson of Spion Kop to discuss the current debate around Liverpool's ticketing arrangement announcement for 2016/17.

This is the audio from the discussion.

Note: Liverpool Football Club were invited and declined to participate in the discussion.


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Neil Atkinson hosts a show in three parts and his guests are Rob Gutmann, Paul Senior and Stephen Evans.

The first part is about Liverpool's good performance and late capitulation against Sunderland. The goalkeeper comes in for extensive criticism after Liverpool's more patient approach is praised especially in the guise of Moreno and Emre Can.

Firmino receives his share of the plaudits and the situation around the captain is discussed. But Mignolet. Oh Mignolet. To have turned a run of the mill 2-0 win into defeat was dreadful and patience for him is in short supply.

The second part is about the walk out. The pressure on both Chapel St and Boston is building as 15,000 walked out of Anfield due to the ticket prices increases in the context of 20 years of football clubs seeing what they can get away with. This is discussed by Rob, Paul and Stephen.

Lastly West Ham is looked forward to. What should Klopp do? What is nowthe right approach.

It's extensive, it's thorough, it's The Anfield Wrap.
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WITH a lingering Leicester hangover still to be shaken, Neil Atkinson, Ian Salmon and Gareth Roberts climb the Radio City Tower for this weeks CityTalk show to talk about the brush off from The Foxes, agricultural Allardyce and ticket price fury.

What can the Reds, with no new faces signed and an injury list still taking its toll, change against Big Sam's survival fighters?

What and where should be the priority when Liverpool go shopping in the summer?

Will Joe Allen ever get the chance to display his whiskers in the wind of a Premier League match?

All this, and an insert from our in-depth discussion on Liverpool's pricing structure for the 2016-7 season.

It's The Anfield Wrap on the radio. Making waves, la.

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