THE CALM after the storm. Sort of...

What a win for Liverpool. The Reds vanquished Manchester City in their ground by four goals to one and here is The Anfield Wrap's take on the performance.

How good was Adam Lallana's dummy?
How much is Simon Mignolet like your mate who can do no right?
How strong was Skrtel's performance?

Talk of the three Brazilians as well obviously along with all facets of the Reds's win.

Bordeaux to come and a schoolyard game too.

John Gibbons, Craig Rimmer and Mike Girling join Neil Atkinson. What about those Reds

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MANCHESTER CITY and even Gareth Roberts might be taking a backwards step. 

The Anfield Wrap from the top of the tower this week has Gareth being nervous, Blue Moon podcast's David Mooney being confident, Rob Gutmann seeing the game as a chance for a bonus point and Phil Blundell missing Henderson.

What else? Sterling chat obviously and talk about end product machine De Bruyne. Neil Atkinson hosts The Anfield Wrap on Radio Citytalk.’

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MISSY is back.

And who doesn't love her? Well The Rider certainly does, so if you don't well, questions have got to be asked.

Gorgeous songs especially from John Gibbons. Steph Heneghan launches the Missy chat. Adam Melia has his Gig Of The Week. Neil Atkinson plays country. Somehow they have let him. Seems unlikely...but then there is also talk of the Busted reunion.

They also talks about the events in Paris.

The Rider. Essential might be overstating it. But only might.

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NEIL Atkinson was joined for the big show on a ‘slow news week’ of an international break by Jay McKenna, Gareth Roberts and John Gibbons for an absolute belter of podcast.

Talk of Custard drinking habits soon evolves into a discussion about the Red’s behind closed doors friendly against Wolves where the club named a perhaps surprisingly strong line-up.

Daniel Sturridge, a defining period of this Liverpool, nay, football career? Neil certainly thinks it might be.

How do Liverpool handle their undoubtedly supremely talented number 15? Can we get ten games in a row out of him?

At what point do we write off a lad who’s as desperate as us to succeed?

Ian Ayre? Bloody hell, more foot in mouth than a diseased herd of cattle.

What exactly was the chief executive trying to achieve by alienating a massive swathe of our fan base by essentially accusing local fans of having an agenda against Liverpool supporters from out of town.

Was Ayre being deliberately inflammatory, and if so, to what end?

And the comments about “We feel like the culture (of Liverpool FC) has a bigger effect (on fan growth) than the football,”, what does it even mean?

If winning isn’t the very existence for Liverpool Football Club existing, then what is the point?

And if it isn’t, why are we charging championship winning prices?

Are we getting the wrong end of the stick or are are we simply idiots?

All this and more, including the return of the ’School-Yard’ game from a stellar panel on this weeks ‘Anfield Wrap’.

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It's that time of year when we tell you what Christmas Presents you should be buying. Well books, anyway

Neil Atkinson and John Gibbons are joined by a rotating cast of many to discuss three brilliant football books released this year
Firstly David Fairclough is in to talk about his Autobiography 'Super Sub'
Secondly Simon Hughes pops by to talk about his book Men In White Suits - Liverpool FC in the 1990s, the players stories
And then we get best selling author Michael Calvin on the phone to talk about his surely soon to be award winning book 'Living on the Volcano"
Loads of interesting stories along the way
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THE RIDER team are all back in the same room at the same time.

In between 10 great songs there is a memorabilia quiz that you can play along with, news of upcoming attractions to the pictures and Steph turns into her nan.

Neil Atkinson, Adam Melia, John Gibbons, Stephanie Heneghan and loads of your new favourite bands. 



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