NEIL ATKINSON was joined by Steve Graves, Alison McGovern and Jonathan Northcroft in this weeks City Talk podcast as they chat about Liverpool's Champions League return and the trip to Upton Park.

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NEIL ATKINSON, Steph, John and Adam talk about marathons and shirts and play ten fantastic songs. 

That is all what the Rider is all about. 

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NEIL ATKINSON, John Gibbons, Adam Melia and Stephanie Heneghan are joined by Chas Smash from Madness to discuss the group and his solo work. They also get into milk, Kes and Pop Star friends. The Rider. And the tunes are corking. You'll Love them. 

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NEIL ATKINSON was joined by Mike Nevin, John Gibbons and Kate Forrester as they talk about the meek defeat to Aston Villa before talking to Si Steers about Ludogorets and THE MIGHTY REDS return to the Champions League.

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NEIL ATKINSON was joined for this week's City Talk by Paul Cope, Mike Girling and John Gibbons on the eve of Liverpool's 8 goal thriller against Villa.

Music this week from The Cheap Thrills and Silent Sleep.

The Cheap Thrills - O Paradise

The Cheap Thrills are playing Oxjam on Friday 10th October in EVAC supporting Andrew Metcalfe of Sound of Guns and Run Tiger Run
Silent Sleep - I wish it could be different
New single available for a £1 from
From Chris forthcoming second album
Shows coming up in Liverpool, Chester, London and Newcastle


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Neil Atkinson and John Gibbons speak to supporters of all of Liverpool's top seven rivals, except Spurs, about their prospects this season along with the two North East clubs. Joined throughout by Dave Downie they find out what the hopes and expectations are for the season ahead.

Thanks to - Kristan HeneageSteve GoldsmithSteve ArmstrongNatasha HenryDavid Mooney and Rory Smith

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